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Plantain is good for your respiratory system among other things [1]. It grows in full or partial sun and is common in many areas including but not limited to vineyards, orchards, gardens, urban areas, landscaped areas, footpaths and roadsides [4]. It can also be found in areas with high water content where other plants might not thrive. Because it grows low to the ground it can survive in many areas where the grass is mowed while other plants can easily be damaged. Nutritionally It is high in calcium and vitamins A, B1, C and K [2][3].

For consuming the seeds can be mixed and put into flour. The undried leaves can be boiled for stews or eaten raw in salads. The dry leaves can be used to make tea [5].

In addition to helping adults a study has shown that it can be used to treat chronic coughs in children [6].

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