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Website: http://www.templeofanu.com/
Email: templeofanu@gmail.com
Phone: (862) 930-7986
Address: 271 South 9th St Newark, NJ 07103
The Temple of Anu is an Afra-Kemetic based spiritual house where we are kemmited to Akhuut: the outward cultural expression of internal spiritual goals and objectives. By kemmitting ourselves to higher divine and sacred principles we learn to transcend the tendency of living life based on narrow and negative traumas, complexes and issues. Our curriculum is designed to develop character and personal power which results in heightened awareness. The objective is to serve NTR or NeTeR through ancient as well as modern practical rituals and ceremonies (culture). Initiates and supporters of the Temple of Anu innerstand that successful nation building cannot take place until each individual successfully raises his/her present spiritual consciousness. We must dedicate ourselves to NTR - then everything we do will be in its proper place in the universal order of things (Maat).
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