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Website: http://www.embracetheinneru.com/
Email: inneryu.llc@gmail.com
Phone: (916) 378-4632
Address: 4096 #3 Bridge St., Fair Oaks, CA 95628
My philosophy is simple, it is designed to support the understanding that you are a Spiritual Being having a Humanistic experience made in the Image and likeness of God. You, therefore, have the ability to apply spiritual principles through mental acceptance to create and recreate your own physical realities which is one of the few absolute truths. Then as you look through your natural eyes and discover all the dis-ease you have created in your mental and physical body, the question now becomes: What can I do? Who can I ask? Where can I turn? Nowhere but, inside, where it all started. As you begin to clearly listen to that Inner Voice of Wisdom you will find yourself on the path of acceptance, forgiveness, and wellness as you embrace the Inner You.
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