tarot reading
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Website: http://www.sometruethings.com/
Email: trueheartarot@gmail.com
Phone: (213) 413-8300
Address: Los Angeles, CA
Over 25 years ago while living in the East Village of New York City I received a series of incredibly accurate readings from a tarot master who encouraged me to develop my intuitive senses and work with tarot. I began reading for myself, friends, friends of friends. In the mid 90's, I moved to Los Angelesto work on a film, and when not acting or auditioning I devoted energy into going deeper with my cards. Soon after, I found out I'd booked the feature film The Craft by receiving a basket of candles and tarot cards from Sony Studio. Serendipitous timing, indeed. I worked on many films during this time and always brought my cards on location. With its ability to spotlight the shifts needed and highlight what's on track, I consider tarot my favorite on call therapist/life coach.
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