Website: http://www.yogaskills.com/
Email: yirser@yogaskills.com
Phone: (773) 396-6613
Address: 4507 S. Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60653
Yirser Ra Hotep is a master instructor of Yoga and the creator of the YogaSkills Method. He is the most senior instructor of Kemetic Yoga in the United States with over 30 years of experience practicing and teaching. Yirser was involved with the original research and documentation of Kemetic Yoga along with master Instructor Dr. Asar Ha-pi in the 1970s.Yirser has trained and certified over 100 Yoga instructors throughout the United States and has been recognized for his innovative Yoga Therapy programs for pre-school children, school age children and teens. Yirser holds a master's degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and has operated Groups Homes for abused and neglected youth, worked as an administrator for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and operated youth mentoring programs.
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