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Website: http://www.hairstarr.com/
Address: P.O. Box 84 Alexander AR 72202
Karen Boone is a nutrition major, healthy eating specialist, herbalist, five year vegan and natural hair educator. She helps clients in obtaining a healthier lifestyle as well as reducing food cravings, increasing energy and managing stress. She changed her life 6 years ago from following the Standard American Diet and lifestyle to an all plant-based holistic lifestyle. With this traumatic change not only came weight-loss but a new sense of being and a life full of purpose. LiveLovePureNatural LLC was founded in 2015. She is also co-producer of the 2015 health documentary titled," The Post Traumatic Slave Diet" .Karen cares about not just your hair health but overall body health. When she decided to take her health into her own hands it inspired her passion for nutrition and the creation of HairStarr! HairStarr is made from the heart with all intentions of helping herself and others seeking a healthy body without the use of synthetic vitamins and minerals. " A woman's greatest wealth is her health".
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